Pink Heart

An outfit consisting of a pastel pink long bishop sleeve blouse with an oversized peter pan collar with ruffles on the hem, tucked into a sheer beige midi skirt with black velvet hearts and beige and black animal print heeled clogs.

Thrifted Hat, original brand unknown
Thrifted Top, original brand unknown
Thrifted Shoes, originally A New Day

Just because it's not February does not mean I can't don a little heart motif here and there. I have a ton of heart print clothing, because it's one of my favorite prints, so, I'm not going to confine it to a 28/29 day long month. This skirt is so lovely, and I can't just wear it for Valentine's, why would I?

Guys, I love a big collar. I know people are looking down on these and saying it's too Little House on the Prairie, but, honestly, I have a history of loving a collar, so I feel like I have an excuse. Plus, Little House on the Prairie served some looks, honestly. Just because Prairiecore/Prairie-chic isn't my thing,or yours, doesn't mean you can't take things from the style and make them your own. 

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Pink Heart

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