Spring's Beginning

An outfit consisting of a black faux leather moto jacket, a white high neck blouse with a black faux leather cami layered over, tucked into a pastel pink tiered tulle midi skirt and black suede lace up heeled ankle boots.

Thrifted Hat, brand unknown
Thrifted Blouse, originally A New Day
Thrifted Camisole, originally SHEIN
Old Skirt Society Skirt
Thrifted Shoes, originally Dolce Vida

Hello Spring!

And, wow, it's the 21st of March already? We're almost already done with 3 months of 2022? Time truly truly flies. 

I love this outfit--I love the layered skirt, the hints of leather, the dramatic sleeves--ugh, it's so me. I mean, of course it is, I curated, but, it's always funny when I put together an outfit and it actually makes me excited, because I have felt pretty stagnant for a while. Not uninspired or bored, but, plateaued. And, that's okay! But, I'm excited to feel more...excited about fashion again. It'll be fun to shop my warm weather clothes and get that brain a workin' again. I always say my cold weather clothes are my favorite, but, you know what, I think I love my warm weather clothes, too. 

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Spring's Beginning

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