Who Am I? - Universal Thread Jeans Mystery Box Review

Universal Thread Jeans Mystery Box, an outfit by Katie Selt for The Katie Edit www.thekatieedit.com

Really though, who am I?

If you've seen me in any capacity on the internet, you would know that I am not a jeans person. I have 3 pairs of jeans, and I've been photographed in them maybe 20 times in 10 years of doing this, so, yeah, I'm not really a jeans kinda gal. And, I don't know if I want to be.
What I want to be, though, is someone who has jeans. I'm getting older (look at me, parading around as if I'm getting elderly when I've not even reached middle age), and I want to have more...appropriate outfits. Like, don't get me wrong, I'm going to always and forever love a puffy sleeve and a pussy bow, but, sometimes you need jeans, and sometimes, you want to wear good jeans.

I've never bought from Universal Standard before, however, I know they are heralded as being a size inclusive clothing brand, and as someone who is plus size, I'm in. So, when I saw they were doing mystery boxes, I was doubly in. To be clear, I was not approached by Universal Standard, and I bought these with my own money. Their jeans box ran for $90 for 2 pairs of jeans, which is a hefty discount from their normal going price of jeans, making each pair $45 each. In the spirit of mystery boxes, you don't get to choose what style of jeans you want, only your size. Because I carry my weight primarily in my stomach,  They shipped about a week later, after the mystery box promotion and sale was over, and arrived less than a week after they were shipping out, which could vary depending on your proximity to their warehouse.

First Impressions

 Initially trying on the jeans, I was unimpressed.

They're jeans. And, I know that sounds dismissive and and unenthusiastic, but, it's the truth. I was both parts amused and unimpressed. I told you, I'm not a jeans person. I was amused because, thankfully, I didn't get low or mid rise jeans with a green toned wash, or whiskering, or something with butt pocket stitching, and I was unimpressed because, well, I may have ordered the wrong size. 

Well, I didn't. Not actually. I ordered the correct size based on the size chart supplied for jeans, but I managed to get two of their jeans that they recommend sizing down on. But, I wouldn't have known to size down because it's a mystery box and I didn't know what jeans they were going to send me. So, that was a bummer. 

So, I stuck them in the washer, because, as you know, we do not wear newly bought clothes without washing them first, and followed their care directions for drying. 


An outfit consisting of a black short organza sheer puffy sleeve with ribbed knit bodice blouse, tucked into light wash wide leg high waist jeans and black ankle strap sandal heels.

As this was a mystery box, I couldn't choose the fit, only the size of jeans, and now that I know the jeans I received, they do mention to size down for a better fit. That's the nature of mystery boxes, so I'm not upset at the looser fit. I was hoping I'd get wide leg and a non skinny jean, and viola, I got my wish! The bottom hem is distressed, but not super stringy, and the dark strip of indigo has a great contrast against the light wash vintage indigo. I do love how the wash looks like it's from the 70s, and how I could definitely see this being worn in the 70s.

I would never have chosen a wide leg jean on my own, even though I wanted it, because I am personally petrified at spending money on a fit that isn't skinny. I'm a millennial, it's all I've known until recently. But, these jeans look and feel so good! They cinch me at my natural waist and flow down so flatteringly, that it doesn't make me feel wider than I am, like jeans usually do for me.

An outfit consisting of a pastel pink bishop sleeve with oversized peter pan collar with ruffles at the collar hem and a tie neck closure blouse, tucked into high rise medium wash loose fitting straight leg jeans cuffed at the ankle and pink, brown and black faux snake skin mules.

Again, since I didn't know what jeans I was getting, these do fit a bit loose for what is supposed to be a skinny jean. Which is totally fine to me, since I didn't really want a skinny jean. Thankfully, with a  little cuffing, they fit like a straight leg, or a girlfriend jean, so, it's a happy accident. I will say though, they are meant to fit like a glove when you wear the appropriate size, so, I may bite the bullet and pay $98 and get one in the size they recommend, because I'd love a pair of good skinnies that fit like a glove.

The wash is pretty normal, with a light leg and a darker waist, and minimal feathering, so it's not dated or trying to appeal to a certain generational trend. I can't say much about the fit, because again, they're slightly too big, but, the waistband isn't rigid, and they are a super high waist so they'd be pretty comfy on your natural waist, given you that you size down.

I would recommend Universal Standard's mystery boxes to someone who enjoys the surprise and likes for people to choose their outfits for them, I can't speak for the process of ordering their other non-jeans mystery boxes, but I'd still recommend the experience!

Who Am I? - Universal Thread Jeans Mystery Box Review

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