April's Layers

An outfit consisting of a white floral lace top with long sleeves with a ruffle hem, with a pink, green and yellow floral corset and pink velour midi skirt and white ankle strap heels.

Thrifted Blouse, original brand unknown
Wild Fable Corset
Love Your Peaches "Everyday Skirt"
Thrifted Shoes, originally Top Moda

I'm still in love with this corset, sorry not sorry. It matches a lot of my current wardrobe and it adds texture and a layer where I wouldn't have one before. 

I'll have a haul at some point, but I bought a large bundle from someone on Poshmark of spring clothes, as I donated and sold a lot of my warm weather clothing last year to downsize and I got some good stuff, like this top. It's so cute! It's lace and it's a great layering piece, and imagine it under dresses!

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April's Layers

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