Dressing Like my Big 3 - Zodiac Inspired Lookbook

Dressing Like my Big 3, an outfit by Katie Selt for The Katie Edit www.thekatieedit.com

There is a trend on TikTok where you dress, act, or do really anything that would describe your Big 3, as in, your moon, sun and rising zodiac signs. I won't tell you what is my moon, sun or rising sign, but, you may be able to guess one of the signs based on a yearly post I make.


An outfit consisting of a black long sleeve bodysuit with sheer black sleeves with black polka dots layered under a black leather sleeveless dress with black lace at the neckline and bottom hem black Chelsea boots.
Thrifted hat, thrifted bodysuit, thrifted dress, thrifted boots

Scorpio is a water sign, and it's defined as being a calm and subdued, yet emotional sign. They're known for being bold and creative, passionate and mystical. The lucky color of Scorpio is black, and I created an all black outfit suitable for a Scorpio.

An outfit consisting of a red sheer blouse with a red, orange and brown paisley bandana camisole top layered over, tucked into a black micro pleated mini skirt and black Chelsea boots.
Thrifted hat, thrifted blouse, thrifted bandana top, old Torrid skirt, thrifted boots
Aries is a fire sign the only fire sign in my Big 3. I've always identified with fire signs, and the intensity and vigor they have. Aries are known to be enthusiastic and optimistic, courageous and confident. Their lucky color is red, as seen in my outfit! An all red outfit seems too on the nose of the Aries sign, so I paired it with it's other lucky color, black, for a more toned down and unexpected Aries outfit.


An outfit consisting of a sheer blouse with pastel pink, pastel yellow, and pastel blue sequin embroidered stars with an attached oversized pussy bow, tied in a bow around the neck, with a dusty blue and green stitched scarf tied around the bust as a top, tucked into a pastel pink tulle midi skirt with pearls and pink heels clogs.
Thrifted blouse, gifted scarf as top, thrifted skirt, thrifted clogs

Pisces, oh Pisces. The end of the zodiac and the sign that represents both death and life. Pisces is a water sign and they're often known for being imaginative and emotional, creative and romantic. Pisces's color is seafoam, and I'm not a seafoam girl. So, I went for an opalescent color scheme, because Pisces is a water sign, and they're often thrown whatever water trope there is as an afterthought.

What are your big 3? Which of these do you think are my moon, sun and rising signs?

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Dressing Like my Big 3 - Zodiac Inspired Lookbook

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