An outfit consisting of a white lace robe with 3/4 bell sleeves, a pink, beige, yellow and green corset, light wash wide leg high waist jeans and camel brown chelsea boots

Thrifted Robe, originally SHEIN
Wild Fable Corset
Universal Standard Diana Jeans
Old Target Boots

What do you get when you mix a lace robe, a corset and jeans? You get this masterpiece. It would be amiss to not include that this outfit is directly inspired by @maddychurm on Instagram. A dear friend sent me this post and said they thought of me, so, I decided to take it on. I don't do a lot of jeans looks, but, I'm trying to expand my horizons into more intermediate jeans outfits.

I love the textures, lengths and colors of this outfit. The robe is floor length, the jeans show the perfect amount of boot, and the coreset and jeans hit at the same place--it's a cohesive and interesting outfit that I don't think I would have created on my own, had my friend not sent me the post!

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