Pink Floral Meets Brown Gingham

An outfit consisting of pastel pink with blue, yellow and green micro floral print blouse under a light brown sleeveless gingham dress and cognac brown d’orsay flats

Old Love Shack Fancy x Target Top
Old A New Day Dress
Old Universal Thread Shoes

This blouse used to be a dress, but, I just felt like it would be better as a two piece set, so I cut the top and skirt apart from each other. I have yet to finish the skirt portion, but the top is so cute! I wanted to play with a little seasonable appropriate pattern mixing, so, I layered the blouse under my brown gingham dress. As the gingham is a large scale print and the floral is micro, it's a nice balance non competing patterns. Scaling is important when it comes to pattern mixing because it can become garish when you throw caution to the wind.

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Pink Floral Meets Brown Gingham

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