Sunset Pink

An outfit consisting of a beige and pink porkpie hat, pink and orange neck scarf tied around the neck, white puffy sleeve crop top paired with a pastel pink tiered maxi skirt, and pink mules.

Amazon Hat
Thrifted Top, originally Zaful
Thrifted Skirt, originally SHEIN
Thrifted Shoes, originally A New Day

I managed to snap this before a large crack of thunder scared the crap out of me, and before someone trying to sell me lawn service in the middle of a thunderstorm. It was one after the other in a 5 minute span, and I have never been more startled by things in my life.

This outfit is the cutest, isn't it? A puffy sleeve, a layered maxi, a hat, and neckscarf--it's just cute!

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Sunset Pink

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