Wide Leg Moment

An outfit consisting of a white sheer blouse with an attached oversized pussy bow, with a black vinyl camisole layered over, with dark wash high rise wide leg jeans and pink mules.

Amazon Hat
Thrifted Blouse, original brand unknown
Thrifted Camisole, original brand unknown
Thrifted Jeans, originally Venezia 
Thrifted Shoes, originally Gap

When I wear these jeans I am reminded that everyone says I look good in jeans. 

I know I do, I'm a hourglass. I just don't like jeans. Jeans like me. I don't like the restriction, I don't like how jeans are supposed to be a basic, but yet, good jeans cost hundreds of dollars, and I don't like that good jeans are like a unicorn. Especially for plus size folx. 

Were you on the side of TikTok a few months ago when everyone was dressing up to go see the Love on Tour for Harry Styles? I was, and I just commend the kids wearing good outfits to a concert. When I went to concerts as a teen, I was wearing band tees and jeans and sweating my ass off in the cheap seats, I wish I would have dressed up! I feel like if I went to a HS concert, this would be mine, since he seems like a big fan of a wide leg moment. Or, maybe it'd be a Stevie Nicks concert outfit--regardless, it's both dramatic enough and cute enough to be donned at a concert. 

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Wide Leg Moment

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