Draped Jacket

An outfit consisting of a black wide brim hat, a black faux leather moto jacket with floral embroidery and painting draped over the shoulders on top of a white sheer long sleeve bishop sleeve blouse with an attached oversized pussy bow tied in a bow around the neck, tucked into an emerald green pleated mini skirt and black Chelsea boots.

This blouse is just too good to wear under a jacket. The sleeves, and pearls on the cuff, the sheerness--it's mean to be a statement, so, I draped the jacket over the shoulders, and it's a look, to be honest. I have spoken the praises of draping your jacket before, and yes, it's not a realistic or comfortable way to wear it, but it looks good! And, to be honest, that's what I'm showing off here. 

What's Katie Wearing?

Thrifted Hat, original brand unknown
Thrifted Jacket, customized by me
Thrifted Bloused, originally SHEIN
Thrifted Skirt, originally Kate Kasin
Thrifted Shoes, originally Target

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Draped Jacket

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