Living Room Moodboard

Having so much space to decorate is weird. I'm a millennial, the expectation is that I would live in a one bed, one bath, for the rest of my life, and yet, I'm not, and that is still something I have to knock on wood about everyday. Knock. Knock. Knock. 

I have never been able to really have a design style. Sure I've hung up shelves and bought furniture, but I've never been able to think about what I could do to a space if the only limitation was me. And, frankly, that's terrifying. Fun, but terrifying.  I've heard creating a moodboard is good for getting all of your ideas in one place, and so, here's what I came up with. We already have a couch, table, etc, but it was nice to combine the things we do own with things we want to own. We don't have a set design aesthetic, we just know we like color and texture and we aren't minimalists. 

As we shape this place into a residence that really embodies us, I can only imagine how inspiring it will be. And, I hope it inspires you, too!

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Living Room Moodboard

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