Late Summer Pink and Green

An outfit consisting of an off the shoulder pastel pink angel sleeve blouse with a beige, pink, blue and green floral tapestry corset layered over, an emerald green pleated mini skirt and coral pink clogs.

It is late summer, which is personally my favorite time of summer. The greens of the trees turn more yellow, the sun seems to be more vibrantly orange, and the last of the cicadas are screaming outside closed windows. It's when I really get into late summer/early fall/pre fall fashion, and start thinking about how I can channel those ideas into my summer wardrobe to relieve a little of that anticipatory excitement. Recently on Instagram I posted my fall wardrobe inspiration, which is layered, textured and can be summed up as overdressed vampire, and this layered outfit kind of fits the bill. Well, in a summer colorway. Green and pink absolutely have a place in summer fashion, and I'm a big proponent for pastel pink in the fall, but it's undeniable this particular combination is summery. And I love it!

Who would have known that when I bought this corset early this year that it'd make it into late summer outfits? I did, that's why I bought it. It's a four season print, after all.

What's Katie Wearing?

Thrifted Blouse, original brand unknown
Old Wild Fable Corset
Thrifted Skirt, original brand unknown
Thrifted Shoes, originally GAP
Late Summer Pink and Green

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