Return of the Weird Colored Dress

An outfit consisting of an olive brown short sleeve button up faux leather midi dress and camel brown midi boots.

It is the return of the weird colored dress. It's brown, it's olive. It's caramel. It's all of the above. 

For a reason that escapes me (is it because it has buttons, a collar, and is faux leather) I like this dress a lot. I think it's such a good dress for a Fall dinner, but also it's not like you can't go grocery shopping in it, or any other daytime or nighttime task. It could even pass for office wear as it buttons up to the neck and it's midi length. It'd be cool office wear, that's for sure. 

What's Katie Wearing?

Old Who What Wear Dress
Thrifted Boots, originally Zara
Return of the Weird Colored Dress

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