Ruffled Neck x Embroidered Leather

An outfit consisting of a black wide brim fedora, a white blouse with a ruffle blouse and pearl buttons and sheer bishop sleeves, tucked into a a black zip up faux leather mini skirt with pink, red and green roses embroidered on the hips.

If you haven't realized, I try to pair this top with everything. It's a f a n t a s t i c blouse, and it deserve to be worn a lot, so, I pair it with everything. And, lo and behold, it looks great with this little leather skirt. Though, most things paired with this skirt look good with it. 

White and black is not some extraordinary combination and I know that, but this blouse with this skirt is just...magnifique.  

What's Katie Wearing?

Thrifted Hat, originally H&M
Thrifted Skirt, originally Forever 21
Thrifted Shoes, originally A New Day
Ruffled Neck x Embroidered Leather

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