Long Red Dress

An outfit consisting of a red maxi dress with bishop sleeves and pussy bow tied in a bow around the neck and red suede ankle strap heels.

Happy week of Christmas! 

Christmas, or rather, the holidays, are my favorite time of year, but it feels almost childish to admit it. I don't like the Holidays for the gift giving, but for the sense of warmth and community. People volunteer at soup kitchens, they pitch in at potlucks, and they salt your driveway for you--it's the little twinges of community and humanity that makes the Holidays feel so good. And, I know year after year people say that Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas, but I think that's because you have to make that Christmas magic yourself, instead of relying on what others did for you. I think Christmas, or at least an Americanized commercialized Christmas, is all about the magic!

What's Katie Wearing?

Old Who What Wear Collection Dress
Thrifted Shoes - Originally Marc Fisher

Long Red Dress

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