2023 Beginnings

An outfit consisting of a mustard yellow wool beret, a black satin notch collar blouse with red, pastel pink, gold and Champaign colored florals tucked into a red accordion pleated midi skirt, black opaque tights and black lace up boots.

Why hello there, it's 2023 and it feels like 2022 was just yesterday.

Jokes aside, happy new year! I have no resolutions or goals because I feel like when you give yourself goals at the beginning of the year that you're setting yourself up to fail at them, and I'm not into failure. I think that goals should be made every few months with a reasonable time frame to complete them, and I think little goals are totally worth writing down and getting that dopamine kick when you check them off the list. What I'm saying is, don't go hard on resolutions right now and then beat yourself up later when they don't come to fruition. Be gentle to yourself, you're only human.

What's Katie Wearing?

Old H&M Beret
Old Sates Above Top
Thrifted Skirt, originally Kate Kasin
Thrifted Shoes, originally Dolce Vita
2023 Beginnings

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