Paisley Fun

An outfit consisting of a hot pink wool beret, a pastel pink, lavender and greet paisley peter pan collared dress with a keyhole neckline layered under a black faux leather sleeveless midi dress with a lace hem, black opaque tights and black lace up suede boots.

I don't have a color of the year this year, however, this beret is Pantone's color of the year, which was a coincidence, I promise. For the last few years I have had a color of the year but as I ended 2022, I realized I totally didn't follow my own rules for dark green last year, and basically fell off of it. I do have some damn cool green items in my wardrobe now, but it wasn't like yellow, red, or pink was. My love for pastel pink was totally because I forced myself to wear it and I fell in love with it, and I was hoping I'd get that with dark green. Alas, I didn't wear it as often as I hoped to. I reflected on what I was allowing to inspire my outfits, and I realized it wasn't a colorway I was attracted to in 2022, it was patterns. It was the pattern mixing and matching of Gucci runways in the mid 2010s that were filling my mind, and so, 2023's color of the year isn't a color. It's patterns. 

What patterns? Any and all. I want to expand on my wardrobe and have a mess of patterns to end in 2023, and I think I can succeed with that. 
What's Katie Wearing?

Thrifted Hat, original brand unknown
Old Xhiliration Dress worn as a top
Thrifted Dress, originally SHEIN
Thrifted Boots, originally Dolce Vita
Paisley Fun

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