Briar Rose

An outfit consisting of a pastel pink wide brim fedora, a white high neck with lantern sleeves that gather into ruffles at the wrist with a black boned corset style tube top over, tucked into a pastel pink, orange and grey snake print accordion pleated midi skirt with pastel pink, orange and grey snake print midi boots.

My boots and skirt match. MY BOOTS AND SKIRT MATCH. You don't know how much that pleases me! The skirt is originally from Banana Republic and the boots are originally from Old Navy, and they have the same parent company, so it makes total sense why they match. I have these same boots in a dark blue and I'm a hunt for a blue version of this skirt to go with them, too, if it exists! I don't wear a lot of blue but I would if it matched the boots perfectly.

Happy March!

What's Katie Wearing?

Old Arula Hat
Thrifted Top, originally ModCloth
Thrifted Corset, originally SHEIN
Thrifted Skirt, originally Banana Republic
Thrifted Boots, originally Old Navy
Briar Rose

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