April Showers

An outfit consisting of a khaki trench coat open over a black on white striped turtleneck top tucked into a pair of medium wash high rise skinny jeans and cream midi boots.

April showers bring May flowers, but I really wish they didn't. I don't mind rain, but we had a super strong storm pass through the city on the 31st, and another one today into tomorrow, and it's not a great time. It's much more than the pitter patter of rain, it's the wind that uproots trees and bends them over, lightning that strikes so close to home, and thunder that is louder than anything else around. It's also the threat of tornadoes that just freaks me out, and I hate how April is synonymous with bad storms. April should be synonymous with the green buds of leaves on the trees, and the grass coming back alive. April should bring to mind the yellow dandelions that litter the yard and help assist early pollinators, and colorful tulips and violets. I know storms are natural and they're only getting worse, but I wish they weren't.

What's Katie Wearing?

Thrifted Trench Coat, original brand unknown
Thrifted Top, originally A New Day
Torrid Jeans
Forever 21 Boots
April Showers

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