NEW IN - Secondhand Haul for Spring

Happy Spring, friends! Today I'm sharing some "new in" items I have accumulated that last few months for Spring. I recently donated clothes to friends and sold some through other avenues to make room for more of my evolving style. Check out what I'm looking forward to wearing below!

Lack of Color Juno Boater Hat - thredUp $42.99 (with credit)

Talk about a deal! Lack of Color hats go for hundreds and by chance I found this beauty on thedUP for less than $50. The brim was warped when I got it, and it had stains, but I steamed it and pressed it and now it's flat, and I gently cleaned the wool to get out the stains. I am in total love with it, it's a piece of art, and solidifes that I want more Lack of Color hats.

ModCloth Moto Jacket - Poshmark $30

I'm embarassed to admit this, but I washed my beloved black faux leather jacket in the washing machine by accident and shredded it. It was preloved, and had some shredded faux leather under the color already, but I wasn't expecting to destroy it anymore. So, I was on the look for a replacement because leather jackets are an absolute staple in my wardrobe. I found this ModCloth moto that was reposhed from another person who was reposhed from another, and I realized that it was one that I had been interested in years ago, before I got my one before this one. It was fate. It still had tags with it, which I promptly removed, because I have no intentions of reselling it or messing this one up. It's perfect without a sign of wear, what a find!

Ava & Viv Jeans - Poshmark $22

After my first skinnies started getting thin in the thighs, I decided it was time to explore jeans options. I know. Me, jeans? After getting a Universal Standard jeans mystery box last year and getting my favorite pair of jeans to date in them, I thought it was time to maybe explore jeans. I knew I didn't want skinny jeans so I looked for wide leg jeans anmd came across these wide leg ones from Ava and Viv in a darker wash. I like thema lot, and they're comfortable and high waisted like I like, and I have to be honest, I've been wearing them a lot and they have already been featured in an outfit!

Maurices Jeans - Poshmark $12

I admit that this photo isn't great at showing the jeans in the way they're meant to be worn, because I need to get the wrinkles out and maybe hem them, but I like the leg shape on them, and they're in a lighter wash that will be nice for Spring.

Old Navy Jeans - Poshmark $15

Finally, this is the last pair I bought for the time being. It isn't your eyes, yes, the zipper is messed up on them and that wasn't disclosed to me when I bought them, but I can fix them, I just haven't yet. Shopping secondhand means you have to be willing to mend items, and I totally am willing to fix these. They're my first pair of rigid denim jeans, with no stretchy aspet to them at all, so for $15, it'll be fun to see how much I wear these.

H&M Skirt - secondhand gift from a friend

My birthday happened recently, and my close friend gifted me these skirts. We talked about it like a year before we actually were able to get together to exchange things, and my birhday was a good time to do so. I love this skirt, it's so feminine and full and lightweight, so it'll be great for Spring. 

SHEIN Skirt - secondhand gift from a friend

Same as above, this was a gift from a friend, and it's so cute. Pink, printed, witha  slit and it's a midi, it has me all over it, and I'm happy to own it, because I'll wear the absolte shit out of it in Spring, Summer and Fall. Because, let's face it, with tights it'll be worn until at least November.

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NEW IN - Secondhand Haul for Spring

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