Three Jeans Outfits (From Someone Who Doesn't Like Jeans)

It is a known fact that I simply am not a jeans girl. I'm a skirt and dresses kind of gal, but, jeans do have a time and a place, and I recognize that I tend to look good in them! So, here is three jeans outfits from someone who doesn't like jeans. 

Blouse - thrifted originally George | Jeans - thrifted originally Old Navy | Clogs - thrifted Old Navy

Trendy - I've seen so many people tuck their shirt in like this and I had to try. I'm confused on why we're ignoring how terrible this looks from the back, but you know what, it looks cool from the front. 

Hat - thrifted originally H&M | Jacket - old Universal Thread | Bodysuit - thrifted unknown brand  Jeans - Universal Standard | Boots - thrifted Charlotte Russe

Realistic - It may not be realistic to you, but when I wear jeans, this is what I'd be wearing. Big hat, statement shoe, and in spring, a jacket, and I look cool when I wear them. 

Hat - old Arula | Blouse - thrifted orignally SHEIN | Cami - thrifted originally A New Day
Clogs - thrifted orignally Old Navy

Colorful Layering - a great way to jazz up jeans outfits is to be very colorful elsewhere.

Three Jeans Outfits (From Someone Who Doesn't Like Jeans)

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