Late Summer Heat

An outfit consisting of a beige wide brim boater hat, a white puffy 3/4 sleeve midi dress belted with a cognac brown belt, and beige and black micro animal print mules.

I know I know, I'm complaning that August is hot again, but it is! At least I'm not pretending it's Fall though, so that's something.

I read a comment on a TikTok recently that was complaining that influencers made up the season "late summer" as a way to shill products, and I had to roll my eyes. Late summer is the end part of summer, it's a legitimate time period. It's the last few weeks of August until fall begins in late September. I've always classified my warm weather wardrobe into Summer and Late Summer, because, to be honest, Late Summer is my favorite part of summer.  The dark orange sunsets, the mild nights, the green leaves turning more yellow green--it's very me. It just makes me feel so...nostalgic. I don't know what for.

What's Katie Wearing?

Thrifted Hat, originally Lack of Color
Thrifted Dress, originally A New Day
Thrifted Mules, originally A New Day
Late Summer Heat

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