This Isn't a Goodbye, it's a See You Later

I'm tired, y'all. I've been blogging for 12 years and the longer I make content, the more it becomes a chore. I actively dislike making content now, and I'm so uninspired that it's laughable I've been able to even make it to 2024 with content. To pull the curtain back, all of December's outfits were taken in mid November, with the exception of Post Christmas Pink. I simply cannot do this to myself anymore, and I need hobbies that don't include having to enter a new insult into my comment filters on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Hobbies that don't include blocking people who save my outfits on Pinterest to BBW boards like I can't see that. Outfits that I'm completely covered from head to toe in--yeah, it's gross. I need to get hobbies that get me off the internet more, and I need time to like clothes again. 

When your hobbies start becoming a chore, than you should stop. Which is why I am. I hesitate saying that this is a forever thing, because it's likely that I'll still document my outfits in some capacity, but, this may be the death of me doing it so often. Did you know that, since 2019, I've posted on Instagram almost every day? Be it photos or videos, I've been making so much content that my brain is fried. And, I'm tired. 

So, see you later? See you soon? In any case, I'll be seeing you.

This Isn't a Goodbye, it's a See You Later

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