Puffy Sleeve and Wide Leg

An outfit consisting of a black short organza sheer puffy sleeve with ribbed knit bodice blouse, tucked into light wash wide leg high waist jeans and black ankle strap sandal heels.

Thrifted Top, originally Forever 21
Universal Standard Jeans
Thrifted Shoes, originally JustFab

I'm not saying these are my favorite jeans, but I'm also not not saying that they are. 

I reviewed these jeans in this post, and yes, I am using them as their own post and deservedly so, because they're amazing. I said this in the post I linked, but I wouldn't have bought these for myself outside of a mystery box, and it was a welcomed surprise to find a pair of wide leg, flattering jeans like this in the mystery box. They're super comfortable, too, so, they're going to get a lot of wear on my off days. And, hell, maybe even on my on. 

I'm not a jeans girl, but I do look good in them, even when the only fitted part is the waist.

Puffy sleeves meets a wide leg--it's a look. I know the obvious way to style a wide leg is with a fitted top, but lets be real, I'm not going to do that, so, even if big top big bottom isn't the "appropriate" way to wear it, I look balanced and cool, and I like it. 

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Puffy Sleeve and Wide Leg

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